Lower Granite JFF Outfall Relocation 1B

Prime Contractor: Advanced American Construction
Owner: Army Corps of Engineers

Almota, WA
September 2016
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Project Details

The Lower Granite Dam Juvenile Fish Facility Outfall Pipe Relocation is a two-season project aimed at improving fish passage and survival at the facility. This project has several integral components, including offshore drilled shaft construction, crane barge work within the tailrace of the dam, upland fish facility systems upgrades requiring detailed coordination with other concurrent contracts and underwater demolition with AAC's dive crews. 
The outfall portion of the project included the installation of 11 each, 60-inch diameter drill shafts placed in the river. AAC constructed a special barge to facilitate the over water drilling. Special anchoring devices were developed to hold both the barge and drilling casing in place against the fast-moving current.  AAC's experience in offshore construction was a critical component of success for the first winter season at Lower Granite.  All 11 drilled shafts were installed successfully despite significant weather and environmental challenges. 

The upland work includes process piping and systems upgrades within the Juvenile Fish Facility, a variety of site civil features, removal of the existing outfall by AAC's divers and installation of the 36" primary bypass pipe.  AAC remobilized to the project site in August, 2017 and has started the season 2 activities. 


Project Highlights

  • Installed 11 each, 60-inch diameter drilled shafts up to 90 feet deep
  • Future installation of over 600 feet of new 36" diameter outfall pipe over water
  • Future installation of bird deterrent sprinkler system
  • Mechanical and electrical upgrades at existing juvenile fish facility
  • Asbestos and lead based paint abatement and removal

Project Photos