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Advanced American Construction brings home national award

April 7, 2009
The Lower Monumental Dam Removable Spillway Weir, completed by Advanced American Construction, was recently named one of the “Most Outstanding Construction Projects of 2008” by the Associated General Contractors of America.

The Removable Spillway Weir (RSW), located in Kahlotus, Washington,” was elected as the winner because the project demonstrated that the construction industry can protect natural resources while overcoming difficult challenges to deliver a high risk project safely,” according to a written statement from Doug Pruitt, incoming AGC president.

The concept of a Removable Spillway Weir solution, which is essentially a giant fish slide, aids in the ultimate fish migration downstream to the ocean in a more efficient and less stressful option than traditional dam routes. However, fabricating an intricate, 2 million pound, 120’ high, 80’ wide and 70’ deep massive coated steel structure and installing it 280 miles upstream in the Columbia River was a daunting task.

In addition to the development and logistical challenges, this Removable Spillway Weir was still a new product for the US Army Corps of Engineers. Only two others in the country had been executed – and with varying results. Each spillway is unique and requires modifications for each dam’s specifications. The Lower Monumental Dam RSW is the first to flawlessly function for optimal fish passage and during off season for flood mitigation.

Advanced American Construction is a proud recipient of the award and attributes the success of the fabrication, transportation and installation of the RSW to the entire team’s extensive project planning and partnering. Key team members include:US Army Corps of Engineers, Oregon Iron Works, Bering Industrial Contractors, Maranatha Electrical, Foss Maritime and Crescere Marine Engineering.
AON Build America Awards, considered the “Oscars” of the construction industry, recognize complicated projects that demonstrate innovation, state-of-the-art advancement, environmental sensitivity, community contribution, and excellence in project management, client service, and safety.