BNSF Waterfront Access Project

Prime Contractor: Nutter Corp.
Owner: BNSF Railway

Vancouver, WA
March 2011 - October 2012
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Project Details

Advanced American Construction, Inc. (AAC) was a subcontractor to Nutter Corporation on this project for Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railways. The project re-aligned existing tracks and created undercrossings for vehicle access to Vancouver’s waterfront.  
AAC’s work was spread over a 2 year period to accommodate the various work phases.  AAC installed 18,000 square feet of temporary sheetpile shoring wall to allow Nutter to backfill for the realignment.  In the first year, AAC also set the precast box girders for a bridge whose foundation was constructed previously under a separate contract.
The second year represented the majority of  work on the project’s critical path.  AAC utilized two cranes to complete the pile driving on both bridges simultaneously.  This allowed the forming and concrete work to be completed with no downtime, and eliminated 1.5 months from the schedule.
All work was completed without any interruption to BNSF’s rail traffic.

Project Highlights

· Constructed two, precast concrete box girder bridges
· Installed 41 each, H-Pile for a 2,200 square foot timber lagging wall
· Installed 18,000 square feet of temporary sheetpile wall
· Installed 102 each, 20-inch diameter pipe pile up to 97 feet deep
· Formed and placed over 1,800 cubic yards of concrete substructure
· Heaviest girder pick weighed 109,000 pounds
· Miscellaneous handrail and deck drains 

Project Photos

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