Columbia Business Center East Slip Sheet Pile Bulkhead Wall

Prime Contractor: Advanced American Construction
Owner: Columbia Business Center

Vancouver, WA
March 2009 - April 2009
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Project Details

This emergency rebuild was completed in 3 weeks, with a substantial completion in just 1 week.  The rebuild was needed to replace the failing existing bulkhead.  The bulkhead wall was needed to load the new Hood Canal Bridge Sections.  There were no other options to load these 1 million pound bridge spans that were scheduled to load out at the only usable barge load out facility in the Columbia Business Center. 
AAC was given the notice to proceed on a Friday evening at 7 pm.  AAC mobilized all equipment and materials over the weekend and started driving sheet pile by Monday morning.  AAC used 1 crane barge and 1 land based crawler crane to install the piles.
The job involved the demolition of existing wing wall piling and precast concrete panels.  Installation of 250 lineal feet of sheetpile bulkhead wall; 38 each, deadman piling; 18 tiebacks; 125-foot long concrete bulkhead cap beam; and 2 each, 24-inch marker piling.

Project Highlights

· 250 feet of sheetpile bulkhead.
· 38 each, deadman piling.
· 18 each, 1-inch tiebacks.
· 125 feet of concrete bulkhead cap beam.
· 2 each, marker piling.
· Demolition of existing wing wall piling & precast concrete panels.

Project Photos

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