Decking Replacement

Prime Contractor: Advanced American Construction

Keddie, CA
August 2021 - September 2021
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Project Details

In July 2021, the Dixie fire destroyed thousands of acres in the northern California mountains.  One of the structures destroyed was timber decking on BNSF Bridge 198.5 near Keddie, CA.  BNSF contacted a small, select group of contractors on July 28th and bid the project with 24 Hr. turnaround.  Advanced American Construction (AAC) was selected and mobilized management to the site immediately.  AAC had a crew and equipment to the site by August 9th.   

AAC’s crews worked compositely with BNSF to remove the remaining rail & tie from the bridge.  AAC has a second crew construction new bridge deck panels in a nearby laydown yard.  Once the debris was cleared from the bridge, AAC & BNSF crews placed new deck panels, secured them to the bridge girders, installed track panels and graded with ballast rock.  The work was performed safely with considerable fall hazards present.   

Project Highlights

  • 66 Bridge deck panels constructed
  • 455 Feet of rail & tie removed
  • 455 Feet of bridge deck panels installed
  • The contracted work was delivered 4 days ahead of schedule
  • All work performed safely with no incidents
  • AAC & BNSF team collaborated significantly to coordinate efforts and make this project a success

Project Photos

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