Lake Oswego Interceptor Sewer (LOIS) Lake Full

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Prime Contractor: Advanced American Construction
Owner: City of Lake Oswego

Lake Oswego, OR
June 2009 - May 2010
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Project Details

The recipient of the 2010 AGC Build America Grand Award, this project was the first of a multi-phase program to upgrade and replace the existing failing sewer line. The line was designed as a gravity system, constructed of 17,000 lineal feet of fused HDPE pipe, with pipe sizes ranging from 24- to 42-inches in diameter.
Advanced American Construction’s ability to mobilize heavy marine equipment into remote locations has proven to be successful on this project. Access onto the lake was extremely limited and difficult. AAC mobilized and assembled over 75 each sectional barges in various configurations. Most of the barges had to come into the lake through a small 11-foot-wide boat ramp.
AAC had to install a 400-foot long temporary work trestle starting from a small lot at the east end of the lake. The work trestle was used to fuse 1,100 foot long sections of HDPE pipe, load large equipment onto barges, and deliver several hundred loads of materials and fuel.
Anchor drilling and pile drilling barges were outfitted with sediment containment barges. All drill cuttings were captured. Water was filtered, treated, tested and released back into the lake. All hydraulic equipment was run with “clarity” oil and all diesel equipment was run with a blended biodiesel to help protect the environment.

"I think AAC usually has no trouble getting awards like this because the projects they take on are usually unique. AAC has done a fabulous job on their portion of this project."

Jane Heisler, LOIS spokeswoman
OregonLive, March 28, 2011 - AGC AON Build America 2010 Grand Award

"AAC is one of the premier marine contractors on the west coast and the City was very pleased to contract with a local business for this challenging phase of work. Time and time again, AAC proved the City made the right choice in contracting with AAC. Their engineering, project management and marine construction skills contributed greatly to the successful execution of the work and their ingenuity in fabricating systems and using the latest technology assured quality in the constructed work. The City looks forward to working with the professional staff and skilled tradesman of AAC on future projects."

Joel Komarek, Lead Engineer and Project Director, LOIS Project
City of Lake Oswego

Project Highlights

  • Installed 428 ground anchors for the buoyant portion of the pipeline
  • Installed 342 each, 18” diameter steel piles, by drilling and driving methods varying in length from 30- to 170-feet
  • Divers installed 428 tether brackets with buoyant tubes attached to ground anchors with stainless steel tether cables
  • Pulled HDPE pipe into S-Curve shape and attached internodal brackets and cables every 200 feet
  • Using a controlled submergence process, divers sank the 1,100 foot pipe sections, securing them into the tether brackets 15 feet below the surface of the lake


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  • 2011 Awards

    • Award
      AGC/AON 2011 Build America Grand Award
      AGC/AON 2011 Build America Grand Award
      AAC's  Lake Oswego Interceptor Sewer project won the AGC of America Grand Award  for the Best Construction project of 2011 and the Best New Municipal and Utilities project. The AGC Grand Award recognizes the most significant construction project in the country, the pinnacle award the AGC offers for projects. The Lake Oswego project won because of the dramatic improvement it represented, the challenges related to the work and the overall effectiveness and safety of the project. 

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Project Video

Brown and Caldwell | LOIS | Lake Oswego Sewer Interceptor
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