M. James Gleason Boat Dock

Prime Contractor: Advanced American Construction
Owner: Metro

Portland , OR
October 2008 - March 2009
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Project Details

Located at Northeast 43rd and Marine Drive, new construction on the M. James Gleason Boat Dock was completed in March of 2009.  The project included the removal of existing docks and wave attenuator wall.  The new structure will reduce debris in the boat basin and wave impacts from the Columbia River on boarding floats. Part of a master plan, the project also replaced all of the downstream floats, piles and the gangway.
The wave attenuator was built with 18-inch x 1/2-inch pipe piles driven up to 28 foot penetration below mud line.  Piles had to be accurately driven for location and depth to ensure special, pre-cast concrete panels would fit properly.  The panels were installed, starting at 8 foot below the river bottom to prevent scour under the panels. 
The project included 2,855 square feet of new precast concrete floats anchored with 24-inch x 1/2-inch pipe piles.  Other features included fire protection piping, water piping, sewer piping, electrical work and a 135 foot long aluminum gangway.

Project Highlights

· Installation of 50 each, 18-inch & 24-inch steel pipe piles.
· 2,855 square feet of concrete floating dock.
· 135-foot long aluminum gangway.
· 198 feet of precast concrete wave attenuator wall.
· Piles for attenuator wall driven +/- 2 inches for pre-cast panel installation.
· Attenuator panels to extend 8 feet below river bed to prevent scour under     panels.

Project Photos

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