Potlatch Intake Improvements

Prime Contractor: Advanced American Construction
Owner: Columbia Improvement District

Boardman, OR
December 2007 - March 2008
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Project Details

The irrigation pump station is located in slow moving and shallow water.  The intakes were constantly plugging up with material and AAC worked closely with the Columbia Improvement District to alleviate this reoccurring issue. 
The project objective was to build a sheet pile cofferdam cell around the existing intake structure and install 4 each, 63-inch diameter HDPE new intake pipes with new stainless steel T-screens and airburst system.
This allowed the intakes to be relocated in faster running and deeper waters to avoid the intake plugs.  The airburst system alleviates hard, extensive manual labor to clean the intake screens and also allows the pump station to stay online during the cleaning process during the critical irrigation season of the many farms in the area.

Project Highlights

· Suction dredge 300 cubic yards of material from underneath the pump station.
· Installation of 250 feet of sheetpile cofferdam around pump station.
· Installation of 250 foot long cofferdam water system.
· 4 each, fabricated steel intake boxes.
· 4 each, intake extension tubes.
· 4 each, stainless steel T-screen intakes.
· 4 each, precast concrete T-screen bases.
· Fully automated airburst    system.

Project Photos

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