Schnitzer Steel Sheet Pile Bulkhead

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Prime Contractor: Advanced American Construction
Owner: Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc.

Burbank, WA
November 2008 - March 2009
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Project Details

AAC worked together with Schnitzer and PND Engineers to install a new OPEN CELL SHEET PILE ® dock system at their Burbank, Washington scrap yard. Schnitzer Steel uses the current dock to load steel on to barges that get delivered to their Portland scrap yard to be processed.

The project involved driving 350 new sheet piles that make up the OPEN CELL ® system. AAC  removed the old system that had failed over the years. This process involved excavating and dredging a total of 8,500 cy of spoil material that was hauled and contained onsite. Installation of top cap, bull rail, concrete, and bollards completed the project. 

The project was performed while Schnitzer Steel maintained full operations. AAC allowed Schnitzer Steel to load out scrap steel onto barges multiple times without incurring schedule delays. Substantial completion by the end March 2009 was crucial to keep Schnitzer's scrap in production.

OPEN CELL SHEET PILE ® and OPEN CELL ® are registered trademarks of
PND Engineering Inc.

Project Highlights

  • Installed 580 lineal feet of open-cell, sheet pile dock system
  • 500 cubic yard / 15,000 square feet of concrete apron
  • 8,500 cubic yards of dredging and spoils removal
  • Installed 300 lineal-feet of steel face beam and 120 lineal-feet of steel pipe bull rail
  • Installed 7 bulkhead bollards
  • Installed 8 large rubber tire fenders

Project Photos

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