2018 Diving Projects

Prime Contractor: Advanced American Construction
Owner: Multiple Clients

Pacific Northwest, OR
January 2018
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Project Details

Advanced American Construction regularly performs diving services throughout the northwest.  Diving projects range from a single day, inspection job to multi-million dollar, highly complex underwater project.  AAC divers regularly perform the following activities:
  • All features of underwater construction
  • Underwater infrastructure inspection
  • Fish diversion net installation, repair and maintenance
  • Bridge pier inspection
  • Propeller / running gear unfouling
  • HazMat diving
  • Potable water diving
  • Concrete demolition
  • Underwater cable laying
  • Dam repair
  • Underwater concrete / grout placement
  • Component recovery
  • Welding / cutting
  • ROV operations
  • Maritime salvage operations
  • Diver-assisted suction dredging

Project Highlights

  • All dives performed utilizing surface-supplied methods
  • Divers have 2-way communication, real-time diver video and support lighting available
  • Divers qualified for Army Corps of Engineers diving operations
  • Nitrox diving available
  • Mobile diving set-ups available including:
    • Truck Package
    • Dive Boat Packages
    • Skid Mount Package
    • 21' Skiff Package
    • Container Package
  • Multitude of underwater tools available
    • Cutting / Welding
    • Chainsaw
    • Bolting / Torqueing
    • Magnetic Drilling
    • Cleaning / Scrubbing
    • UT Thickness Gauging
    • Concrete Wire sawing / Core drilling
    • Epoxy Injection Tools

Project Photos

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