Eureka Fisherman's Terminal

Prime Contractor: Advanced American Construction
Owner: City of Eureka

Eureka, CA
March 2005 - February 2006
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Project Details

This project for the City of Eureka involved the demolition, removal and disposal of existing timber wharf, and building structures, floating dock, ramp, piling, timber building, concrete foundation, concrete curbs, sidewalks, driveways, pavement, utilities, and refuse. New construction included 460-feet of concrete wharf/boardwalk with jib cranes, lighting and railing, concrete piles, fender piles, and guide piles, street architectural items and pedestrian access corridor improvements, floating dock and gangway, steel sheet pile wall.
Additional work included earthwork and grading, petroleum hydrocarbon-contaminated soil and groundwater handling and disposal, concrete curbs, sidewalks, pavement, lighting, water, storm drain, electrical utilities, fencing and gates, landscaping and site amenities.

Project Highlights

· Demolition of existing timber wharf.
· Construct new 40-foot wide x 460-foot long concrete wharf.
· 492 feet of bulkhead PZ-27 sheet piling; lengths from 21 to 60 feet.
· Over 1,000 cubic yards of cast-in-place concrete.
· 56 each, 8-foot x 27.5-foot long precast deck panels with a 4.5-inch topping slab.
· Install 920 square feet of floating dock and a 40-foot aluminum gangway.

Project Photos

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