McCormick & Baxter Sediment Cap Completion

Prime Contractor: Advanced American Construction
Owner: Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

Portland, OR
August 2005 - September 2005
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Project Details

The McCormick & Baxter Superfund Site was a 60-acre complex, located in North East Portland, at the base of Edgewater Street. The site was operated by the McCormick & Baxter Creosoting Company from 1944 to 1991, for the purposes of wood product treatment. The site, 20 acres of which is located in the Willamette River, was contaminated with creosote, pentachlorophenol, heavy metals & other inorganic materials. The cleanup was taken over by The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality in the mid-1990s with the task of removal and capping of worst offending materials in the site.

AAC was solicited, in 2005, to selectively place a 1.5 acre section of the in-river cap. The placement area was located adjacent to a fully operational railroad bridge and above two fully operational high pressure sewer lines. The work required placement of 2 feet of sand over the cap, followed by 4-inch layer of 4-inch rock, and 6-inch layer of 6-inch rock. 600 feet of shoreline was also dressed with 2 feet of rip rap. During the months of August & September, AAC transported and placed a total of 11,700 tons of material using its barge mounted Manitowoc 4100 Series 2 Vicon crane, material barges and tugboats.

A barge mounted GPS system was utilized during the placement of all capping materials. This GPS system facilitated the precise placement of the aggregate, within the cap boundary, and also provided real-time data for avoiding the high pressure sewer lines in the area.

Project Highlights

  • Cover over 70,000 square feet of area with 9,300 tons of sand, gravel and concrete rip rap to complete the sediment cap.
  • Used GPS WinOps system for bucket placement location and protecting high-pressure sewer lines.
  • 600 feet of shoreline restoration.
  • Site located near highly sensitive existing structures.

Project Photos

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