Schnitzer Steel Berth 1 Dock

Prime Contractor: Advanced American Construction
Owner: Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc.

Portland, OR
July 2005 - June 2006
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Project Details

After completing removal of the existing concrete deck and structural steel under separate contract, Advanced American Construction, Inc. (AAC) constructed the new Berth 1 Dock for Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc. at International Terminals in Portland, Oregon. The high load capacity dock, which supports the client’s scrap metal operations, is a cast-in-place concrete deck supported by structural steel framing on steel pipe piling. Next to the dock is a pile supported cast-in-place concrete relieving platform and a cast-in-place concrete approach slab on grade.

The 40,000 square foot project required: 5,500 cubic yards of structure excavation and 700 tons of rip rap slope protection; 7,500 lineal feet of 24 and 36-inch diameter open-ended steel pipe piles; 540 tons of structural steel framing; 4,500 cubic yards of cast-in-place reinforced concrete; 485 lineal feet of 171# crane rail system with stainless steel cable trough; 29 each, 255 kip tiebacks (for required seismic design loads); 100 tons of miscellaneous metal walkways and fabrications; and 1,000 lineal feet of under-dock utility and drainage piping.

Prior to contracting with the client to build the project, AAC value-engineered certain structural elements—including redesigning the steel pipe piling to a composite (steel pipe filled with reinforced concrete) pile section—resulting in over $400,000 in up-front cost savings to the client.

Project Highlights

  • 435-foot long by 48-foot wide dock; 21-foot wide relieving platform; and 24-foot wide dock approach slab.
  • 5,500 cubic yards of excavation and 700 tons of rip rap slope protection.
  • 7,500 lineal feet of 24- and 36-inch steel pipe piles.
  • 540 tons of structural steel.
  • 4,500 cubic yards of cast-in-place reinforced concrete.
  • 485 lineal feet of 171# crane rail system with cable trough.
  • 29 each, 255 kip tiebacks.
  • 1,000 lineal feet of utility and drainage piping.

Project Photos

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