Kimberly Clark Deep Water Outfall/Intertidal

Prime Contractor: Advanced American Construction
Owner: Kimberly Clark Corporation & City of Everett, Washington

Everett, WA
June 2003 - February 2004
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Project Details

Under a combination lump sum (Intertidal) and cost-reimbursable (Deep Water) contract, Advanced American Construction, Inc. (AAC) successfully completed the challenging Intertidal & Deep Water Outfall project for Kimberly-Clark Corporation – on time and under budget. A “controlled submergence” method of installing the deep water portion of the outfall, anchored to a depth of 350 feet below the water surface with precast concrete weights, was utilized.
The 4,600-foot long by 63-inch diameter HDPE pipe outfall with diffuser required: 1,300 lineal-feet of temporary work trestle; 3,000 lineal-feet of temporary sheetpile wall for intertidal pipeline trench shoring; 10,000 cubic yards of clam excavation and backfill from the work trestle; AAC in-house diving and surveying; and on-shore fusing and assembling of the HDPE pipe and precast concrete anchors 5 miles upriver from the installation site.

"I wanted to send you a note of appreciation for the great job your firm did in successfully installing the inter-tidal and marine portion of the unique Deep Water Outfall project that is servicing the Kimberly Clark Everett Facility, the Cities of Everett and Marysville. This outfall, designed to handle 105 MGD of treated effluent, is projected to meet the needs of this mill and the two growing communities for the next 50 years with tremendous positive impact on the river and marine habitat. The professionalism that your team displayed from the very beginning bid process, the team building effort prior to construction, as well as the many challenges we faced in the assembly and installation of the 4700 feet of 63" diameter large bore HDPE pipe was the key to the success of this project. The initial assembly, of the 4700 foot long sections with the million pounds of concrete anchors attached, quickly gave light to the magnitude and scale of this project. Your teams' managing of the design and execution of the controlled submergence process was nearly flawless and the ability to work together collectively to solve the many challenges in a project of this magnitude was impressive to say the least. The assembly of the long trestle for the inter-tidal section was also done with logistical excellence.

As the Project Team Leader for Kimberly Clark, who had the lead for this joint project and worked closely with your team over the 12+ months of this project, I would not hesitate to hire your firm again.

I would like to conclude with a personal thanks to you and your team, who at the conclusion of this project I felt we not only established a good business relationship but also left this partnership as friends."

Brian Martin
Kimberly-Clark Corporation/Everett Facilities
Facilities Team Leader

Project Highlights

  • 4,600 foot long x 63-inch diameter HDPE pipe outfall to 350 foot water depth.
  • 1,800 lineal feet of intertidal pipeline.
  • 2,800 lineal feet of controlled submergence deep water pipeline with diffuser.
  • 1,300 lineal feet of temporary work trestle.
  • 3,000 lineal feet of temporary sheetpile wall for intertidal pipeline trench shoring.
  • 10,000 cubic yards of clam excavation and backfill.
  • Careful consideration to tidal flat flora and fauna.

Project Photos

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