Ice Harbor Dam Spillway Deflector Modifications

Prime Contractor: Advanced American Construction
Owner: US Army Corps of Engineers

Burbank, WA
September 2014 - March 2015
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Project Details

Advanced American Construction worked as the General Contractor with the Army Corps of Engineers to modify the Spillway on the Ice Harbor Dam in Burbank, Washington. The project included: demolition of a portion of the existing spillway using a Brokk  remote controlled excavator; wire saw and removal of existing pier nose; and re-sloping the spillway to compensate for adjusted flows caused by the removable spillway wier on the upstream side of the dam. The project also required design and installation of access to the spillway, removal of existing concrete from the spillway face, installation of epoxied rebar dowels and rebar cages and pouring new deflector, pier nose and spillway surface. The Ice Harbor Dam project was successfully completed within a very tight project window, with precise demolition tolerances, extreme environmental restrictions and unforeseen spillway deformations.

Project Highlights

· Demolished portion of existing spillway using Brokk remote controlled excavator
· Wire sawed and removed existing concrete pier nose
· 700 epoxied rebar dowels installed in the spillway face
· 1000 yards of concrete poured on a 50° slope
· New spillway surface built to specified parabolic curve within 1/4” using a roller screed and rail system
· Bolt-up sheet pile cofferdam used to dewater the spillway down to 35’ below OHW

Project Photos

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