Lake Oswego - Tigard Water Partnership Pipe Pullback

Prime Contractor: Frank Coluccio Construction
Owner: Lake Oswego - Tigard Water Partnership

Portland, OR
September 2014
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Project Details

As part of a large-scale update to the Lake Oswego and Tigard water systems, AAC worked with the Frank Coluccio Construction Company in the Fall of 2014 to install 3900 lineal feet of steel pipe pulled through a tunnel beneath the Willamette River. A continuous, around-the-clock operation methodically executed the pipe pullback process to place the underground water system.

This fast track project, in an urban setting with strict environmental restrictions was a key part of the broader Lake Oswego –Tigard Water Partnership to update an old system and establish secure, dependable drinking water for both Lake Oswego and Tigard. Once all phases of the project are complete, the pipeline will carry up to 38 million gallons of water a day.

More information about the Lake Oswego - Tigard Water Partnership here

Project Highlights

  • Horizontal directional drilling process, performed by Michels Corporation with a pressurized hammer and steerable underground drill, created the 54” diameter tunnel for AAC to feed the pipe through 
  • AAC’s crew staged the operation from our facility on the Willamette River and then barged the pipe in 240 foot section lengths to the Meldrum Bar in Gladstone, Oregon
  • Deployed the pipe sections into one 3900 continuous spool to be pulled through the tunnel
  • 6-crane pick with 4 barge cranes and 2 land-based cranes positioned the pipe to be pulled into the underground tunnel at the correct angle
  • AAC worked as the subcontractor with the Frank Coluccio Construction Company to perform this essential milestone in the Lake Oswego – Tigard Water Systems update 

Project Photos

Project Video

Lake Oswego - Tigard Water Partnership 2 - Oct 24 14
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