Little Goose Dam NavLock Leak Sealing

Prime Contractor: Advanced American Construction
Owner: US Army Corps of Engineers

LaCrosse, WA
March 2020 - March 2020
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Project Details

The Little Goose Navigation Lock Seal project was a fast-paced project that occurred during the 2020 Snake River navigation lock outage.  The work could not begin until river traffic was suspended for the outage.  All work was required to be complete 22 days later.
AAC first task was to cut and demolish a vertical slot in the NavLock wall both in the dry and underwater.  A wall saw was deployed by AACs divers and operated remotely for the work.  Once the wall was cut, AAC topside crew and AAC’s divers chipped the concrete from the slot. 
With concrete removed from the slot, AAC erected an elevated platform and brought in Jensen Drilling to drill through the concrete to the required depth.  Once the drilling was to depth and all quality standards were met, a waterstop material was installed in the newly drilled hole.
Following the installation of the waterstop material, AAC’s divers installed stainless steel cover plates up the concrete wall to fill the vertical slot.  AAC’s divers also installed sealant materials to cracks and joints on the Navlock wall and sill.
All work was complete 2 days prior to the contractually completion sate with out any injuries or incidents. 

Project Highlights

  • Concrete demolition and wall sawing
  • Concrete chipping underwater and in the dry
  • 137 feet of rotary percussion drilling
  • Watertstop installation
  • Crack & Surface sealant application
  • All diving performed by AAC
  • Stainless steel cover plate installation

Project Photos

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