Port of Stockton Barge Modifications

Prime Contractor: Advanced American Construction
Owner: Port of Stockton

Stockton, CA
May 2012 - August 2012
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Project Details

Advanced American Construction (AAC) was contracted to perform interior and top deck modifications to two material barges to carry cargo containers for the M-580 Marine Highway Project between the Port of Stockton and the Port of Oakland. I-580 is one of the most congested corridors in California, with 1,600 containers moving between the Ports of Oakland and Stockton every day. Moving this traffic onto barges will create an environmentally conscious and sustainable method of transport.

The two barges were previously used for rock transport and construction along the Northwest coast. AAC removed the timber and angle clips from the barges so the new container framework could be welded to the deck. AAC also welded angle iron to the barge interior to help support the new deck loading.

Due to the timeline for cargo services to begin, AAC had a maximum of 180 days to complete the barge modifications for transport down to California. AAC setup a jig inside our machine shop to automate the fabrication of the frames. Waite Specialties was subcontracted to fabricate the base beams and post/bracing components. As they were being delivered to our shop, AAC welded them together and installed them on the barges. With their previous use, the steel decks were found to be irregular. AAC and the Port worked together to add leveling feet to adjust the frame bases accordingly. If this went unaddressed, the containers would have never fit within the strict tolerances.

AAC completed the work well within the contract time frame and budget.

Project Highlights

  • Remove and Dispose of 26,000 square feet of 8-inch Thick Timber Decking from the “Log On” Barge.
  • Remove and Dispose of 35,000 square feet of 8-inch Thick Timber Decking from the “Lucky Logger” Barge.
  • Fabricate and Install 10 Steel Frames (approximately 325,000 pounds) on the “Log On” Deck for Container Loading.
  • Fabricate and Install 7 Steel Frames (approximately 250,000 pounds) on the “Lucky Logger” Deck for Container Loading.
  • AAC Fabricated Frames at Own Facility.

Project Photos

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