Sellwood Bridge Trestle

Prime Contractor: Slayden/Sundt JV
Owner: Multnomah County

Portland, OR
August 2012
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Project Details

AAC continues to work as a subcontractor on the Sellwood Bridge project. AAC furnished and installed the substructure for two work bridges to facilitate construction of the new bridge including piles of varying length and fabricating and installing caps, cross beams and cross bracing. AAC provided crane service and welding work for the momentous bridge relocation to the temporary piers and continues work on the above/below water removal of the existing concrete piers. 

AAC will re-mobilize during the 2016 in-water work season to remove both work trestles and the temporary detour piers.

Project Highlights

  • Work Will Be Completed Over Four Work Seasons.
  • Construct the Substructure for Two Temporary Work Trestles. Remove in Fourth Season.
  • Splice and Drive 188 each, 24-inch Diameter Steel Piling Varying in Length From 50 feet to 200 feet.
  • Fabricate and Set Steel Caps, Cross Beams, and Cross Bracing for All Bents.
  • Provide Barge Crane Service.
  • Remove underwater obstructions at existing piers.
  • Saw Cut and Remove Existing Concrete Piers.

Project Photos

Project Video

Old Sellwood Bridge - Concrete Block Disposal
Video Tour

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