BNSF Bridge 5.1 Auxiliary CWT Rope Replacement

Prime Contractor: Advanced American Construction
Owner: BNSF Railway

Portland, OR
December 2013 - March 2014
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Project Details

Advanced American Construction, Inc. (AAC) was contacted by BNSF to develop a work plan for the removal and replacement of the existing BNSF Willamette River Bridge 5.1 auxiliary counterweight wire rope assemblies. AAC was awarded the contract and started work in December 2013. AAC worked with BNSF to mobilize tools and equipment to the bridge. Due to the existing conditions, AAC’s crews had to set up equipment and materials to provide access to the various work areas and install several permanent safety components to allow for safe execution of the work.

Wire rope replacement was conducted in four scheduled marine closures. Each of the 93,000 pound auxiliary counterweights were temporary supported by hydraulic jacks, provided by AAC, to replace the wire rope assemblies. Each wire rope assembly was removed and installed in a continuous process.

All work was performed without any safety incidents or interruptions to rail traffic.

Project Highlights

  • Assembled rail car mounted operation to facilitate the challenging work.
  • Mobilized and set up heavy jacking equipment.
  • Jacked and supported 93,000 pound auxiliary counterweights.
  • Removed and replaced 12 wire rope assemblies approximately 250 feet long each.
  • All work performed with no interruption to rail traffic.
  • Successful coordination of four marine closures with BNSF and US Coast Guard to facilitate wire rope change outs.

Project Photos

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