Swift Reservoir Fish Facility

Prime Contractor: Advanced American Construction
Owner: Pacificorp

October 2014
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Project Details

Pacificorp had recently installed a new Fish Surface Collector and attached Barrier Netting in late 2012 to assist with the migration of fish around the reservoir facilities. During the first winter it was clear that modifications would be required. A moderate storm occurred early in January and sections of the float sleeves supporting the net tore away from the floats, most notably in the areas around the north and south turning points. Also during this storm, a portion of the north wing and south wing of the net was exposed on the surface of the dam as a result of the lowering reservoir level. The wind caused this exposed section of impermeable tarp material to flap against the rocks resulting in tearing and shredding of portions of it.

AAC was contracted to perform the repairs for these damaged sections. During the course of project execution, additional repair items were discovered and AAC was given change orders for this work. This included trash removal from the intakes, piping reconfigurations, float modifications and other miscellaneous work.  

Project Highlights

  • Repair of damaged sections of Fish Surface Collector and Barrier Netting
  • Trash removal from intakes
  • Piping reconfigurations
  • Float modifications
  • Other miscellaneous work

Project Photos

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