Port of Tacoma - Husky Terminal Pier 4 Phase 2 Reconfiguration

Prime Contractor: Staton Companies
Owner: Port of Tacoma

Tacoma, WA
July 2016 - September 2016
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Project Details

The reconfiguration of Pier 4 Husky Marine Terminal on the Blair Waterway at the Port of Tacoma allowed one contiguous berth capable of supporting larger container cranes and vessels.  AAC was contracted to support Staton Companies completion of the initial demolition scope of the project. AAC mobilized a land-based crawler crane to assist Staton in removing the existing concrete pile caps after Staton detached them from the pile supports. 

Project Highlights

  • Crawler crane support to Staton Demolition for the removal of existing pier concrete pile caps
  • Marine support to assist Staton with concrete containment 

Project Photos

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