Port of Longview - Berth 4 Layberth

Prime Contractor: Advanced American Construction
Owner: Port of Longview

Longview, WA
October 2015 - March 2016
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Project Details

The Berth 4 Layberth was constructed by AAC to provide additional berthing for ships waiting to load and offload at the Port of Longview, with the new layberth being constructed in a location where a previous timber dock had existed. These obstructions, along with tight tolerances for pile placement, created a challenge, but AAC still completed the project three weeks ahead of schedule.

AAC worked with National Pipe and Pile to provide the spin fin pile, while Staton Companies provided demolition and disposal assistance with the existing structure that needed to be removed, and the 8 aluminum walkways were provided by Mantle Industries. 

Project Highlights

  • Constructed 7 dolphins, 4 Mooring Dolphins, and 3 Breasting Dolphins
  • Drove 27ea. 24" steel spin fin pile and 30" steel fender pile 
  • Fabricated and installed 7 galvanized steel dolphin tops
  • Furnished and installed roughly 850' of aluminum walkways
  • Set steel and UHMW fender assemblies weighing roughly 45,000 pounds each
  • Demolished roughly 6,200 square feet of dock and removeed 160 timber pile

Project Photos

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