Tidewater Cove Marina

Prime Contractor: Advanced American Construction
Owner: Tidewater Cove Marina

Vancouver, WA
November 2014
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Project Details

Advanced American Construction was hired to furnish, splice and drive pipe pile to build the Tidewater Cove Marina, a private investment project in Vancouver, Washington. To meet the restrictions of the in-water work window and delays to the start of the project, AAC worked quickly and efficiently to meet all project goals within a tight timeframe. The project was completed ahead of schedule, on budget with superior quality and zero recordable injuries. 

Project Highlights

  • Furnished and installed (45) new 24" x .500 x 84' pipe pile, (36) new 16" x .500 x 80' pipe pile all with caps.
  • Designed and fabricated an in-house pile driving template that resulted in a significant increase to the pile driving production rates; project start was delayed by 30-days and AAC recovered the schedule to meet the customer goal.
  • Pile splicing was performed in-house by AAC

Project Photos

Project Video

Tidewater Cove Marina 01
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